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Technical requirements

Requirements for devices and networks at the Client's office / sites that the Client uses for his events, where the system is used:
  • Dual band WiFi network (2.4 GHZ and 5.0 GHZ);
  • The signal level at any point of the event is not lower 75 dBm;
  • Wi-Fi standard ac is preferable (not lower g);

Device support between access points (roaming):
  • Continuous connection with constant response time from tellsy.ru servers no more than 45 ms;
  • The bandwidth for each client is at least 20Kb/s, when using video broadcasting from 700Kb/s to 3Mb/s for each person;
  • The ability to simultaneously hold as many connected devices as announced by the organizers without degrading the network performance;

Network requirements for the administrator's computer / laptop:
  • The system control panel is launched only from laptops / computers that have the necessary requirements (do not use tablets and phones);
  • Dedicated WiFi network connection as required. It is preferable that the network is dedicated for the system administrator not a network of participants.

Devices must meet the following technical requirements:
  • Laptop: Intel Core i3-4xxx/i5-3xxxM+, 1Gb RAM, Video card DirectX 10.0+ compatible (512Mb RAM),
  • OS: Windows 7SP1+/10 or macOS 10.12+,
  • Network: Out 1+Mbps, In 3.5+Mbps.:
  • Browsers: Windows – Chrome 70+; Firefox 70+; Edge 79+; Opera 60+, Mac OS – Chrome 70+; Safari 12+
  • Mobile: iPhone 6+, iPad Air+ (iOS 13+), Android 6+. Браузер: iOS – Safari iOS 13+; Android – Chrome 70+