Design and hosting
interactive events
offline, online and hybrid events

for business meetings, workshops and entertainment
Мероприятие tellsy
Set up event by your own or order from scratch by TELLSY team
How it works
Set up an event on your own
  • Рregister oneself in TELLSY.
  • Create a script for your event: meetings, meetups, conferences, corporate parties.
  • Add interactivity to your script: tests, polls, quizzes, a timer for completing tasks, etc.
  • Invite guests to your event using a direct link.
  • Host your event from your computer and / or phone.
Using the professional event constructor TELLSY is affordable and convenient!

Book an event from scratch by TELLSY team
  • Leave a request with a description of your event.
  • Wait for a call from our specialist.
  • We will customize TELLSY according to your script or develop it according to your request.
  • We will provide hosting, moderation and technical support for the event.
  • We will provide a report with the results of the participants' activity during the event at TELLSY.

TELLSY is an ideal solution for corporate clients and event agencies!
years in employee training and development
3 000
events managed
250 000
participants involved
Make facilitation magic
Videostream and interactives in one window
Flexible event scenario
Involved participants without the hassle
Productive work in a hybrid format
With TELLSY you can easily set up your event
For any number of participants
up to 8,000+ participants
With a clear workplace
instructions do not require for work in TELLSY
With high-level engagement
lead participants along with the event scenario without losing their productivity
With simultaneous group administration
distribute activities among groups simultaneously
With brainstorming based on 2x2 matrix
brainstorm your team - gather ideas and find the best solutions
With online meeting rooms for participants
create several meeting rooms with different tasks for your audience
Arrange events with pleasure
Division into groups
Video conference constructor

You can easily draw your guests' attention to specific areas using TELLSY tools
TELLSY will be useful for


with lectures and classes

Event Managers
with meetups and conferences

Team leaders
with meetings and briefings

Marketing agencies
with focus groups and creative sessions

HR specialists
with training, strategic sessions, assessment, role-playing training games
        TELLSY pricing
        make your offline, online or hybrid events
        from 20 000 rub per month
        Basic options with video
        By request
        Ideal for regular events
        Any questions?
        Leave a message!