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Customer Feedback
Tatiana Verkhovskaya
Business Partner of Competence Development, AstraZeneca
Thank you very much to the creators of the TELLSY platform!

We solved complex problems of distance learning with TELLSY: gather at one time all employees from different cities to practice skills in role-playing games, involve everyone in the game, manage timing, stages, receive grades, ratings, and feedback from observers.

TELLSY helps see and analyze what is usually left behind when using other distance learning formats.
Elena Korovina
Digital Product Training Manager, M.Video Eldorado
TELLSY made our Product School user-friendly, interactive and digital.

A tool that helped facilitators to engage students and maintain group dynamics, and helped students to see all the necessary information in real-time — timing, roadmap, speakers, and topics, as well as communicate with speakers and work in groups.

Our School has become more smart and digital with TELLSY!
Maria Pronina
IAF Certified Professional Facilitator, Consultant, Business Trainer, F-PointFounder of Pic Pen studio
The platform was used to host an event for 80 people. I liked the wide functionality for working with groups — instructions, voting, a tag cloud, visualization of group discussions. As well as flexibility and inclusiveness on the part of the platform developers in the preparation and conduct of the event.
Inna Nurdavlyatova
Facilitator, Consultant, Team Training
On May 24, 2019, we conducted facilitation within the framework of the "We are in the future" conference. Especially valuable for us was the opportunity to make a prototype according to our scenario and test it. Thanks to user-friendly TELLSY interface, we quickly corrected the prototype. During the facilitation, the system worked steadily, light and not overloaded visualization looked good on the screen and was easy to read. It’s great that there is a connection between TELLSY and the WhatsApp messenger. It is a familiar messenger that is easy to use to continue working in groups after the event.