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TELLSY features

Online registration
Participant data

It is used to interact with participants, for example, send a report on an event or a speaker's presentation to the mailing addresses of participants.
Event schedule

For uploads to Tellsy event schedule and displaying the schedule on the participant's device at any time.
    Templates: welcome, break, lunch
    Text blocks or media files on participant's device

    • creating a splash screen with a greeting
    • sending slides or videos to attendees via Tellsy
    • creating a button to go to a website or messenger
    • Transferring the algorithm of the further exercise to the participants.
    Quick message
    Instant message over participant's device

    • attract the attention of participants
    • reminders for further action
    • messages of the remaining time to complete the exercise.
    Involvement statistics
    Participant activity data in real time

    • analysis of participants' activity
    • adjustments by the speaker of the level of involvement in real time.
    Open question, scale or multiple choice. Vote for the best answers, answers rating.

    Can be used for:
    • decision making through voting
    • collecting expectations
    • organization of research
    • collecting and processing feedback
    • collecting data through surveys, custom questionnaires.
    Test / Quiz
    Test with subsequent demonstration of correct answers and rating of participants.

    Can be used for:
    • quick-cut knowledge
    • consolidation of materials.
    Questions for the speaker, voting and rating of popular questions.

    Pre-moderation is possible: the speaker and participants see only questions approved by the moderator.

    Can be used for:
    • holding Q&A sessions after the speaker's speech
    • panel discussion, project defense controlled by the participants themselves.
    Random selection of a member or a group

    • reduce the time for selecting a participant and calling him into the video stream
    • set the order of speeches
    • support the concentration of participants' attention by random selection.
    Countdown time to complete any interactive

    The time for each activity can be set in advance or the timer can be started at any time during the session.
    Tag cloud
    Tag cloud formed of one-word answers of participants.

    Can be used for:
    • collecting expectations or impressions at the beginning or end of a section.
    Collecting opinions / Brainstorming
    Collection of ideas on a given topic, voting and rating of ideas.

    Can be user for:
    • collecting comments on a specific proposal / issue
    • brainstorming: bring participants into groups and organize a parallel brainstorming session on different topics.
    Group work
    Division into groups
    Random or optional group distribution

    The number of seats in the group is regulated by the moderator, the work of the groups occurs in parallel.
    Can be used for:
    • teamwork on tasks and for analyzing cases
    • parallel work of specialized teams.
    Virtual rooms
    Creation by the moderator of virtual rooms with a different scenario of activities in each of them. Participants can freely move between the halls at any time of the event

    Can be used for:
    • organizing an event with several parallel streams of speeches within the program
    • organization of group work with different blocks of tasks.
    Parallel activities for groups
    After the distribution of participants into groups, you can define for each group a series of separate activities.

    Can be used for:
    • creating a collection of opinions / polls / tests for each group
    • receiving feedback from focus groups.
    Video conference
    Video broadcasting is configured using the link from the video service, Tellsy works with video services that are convenient to you.

    Can be used for:
    • viewing of broadcasts by participants and parallel interaction with Tellsy in one window.